When you click on your town you will find the contact info for some resources in your town related to people with disabilities and older adults.

1. Municipal agent for the elderly

In this section you will find info Administered by the Connecticut State Department of Social Services (DSS) www.ct.gov/dss, every Connecticut city and town has a Municipal Agent for the Elderly who assists town residents ages 60 (and others concerned with the welfare of someone 60 or older) and older by providing information and referrals to local, state, and federal services and benefit programs. Each is familiar with programs and benefits such as Medicare, Medicaid, SNAP (Food Stamps), Social Security, protective services, legal services, adult day care, housing, transportation, and local senior and community groups. Many also help seniors fill out application forms for benefits.

2. Senior Centers and Services

 In this section you will find contact information for your local senior center or your senior/elderly services office (if your town has one). If they offered specific transportation information about vans, Dial-A-Ride, Paratransit, etc. a link was created to take you directly there. Because some of the transportation services may overlap for people with disabilities, it may be a helpful resource for that population, as well.

3.  Department of Developmental Services

In this section you will find DDS contact information by region; the DDS has three regions. In this section you will have the basic contact info for the town your region is in. If you already have a case manager, I would start with her or him. You can tell that person about this website and have them help you use it or they can access the information to better accommodate your transportation needs.

4.  Mobility Managers 

In this section you will find the contact info to the Mobility Manager who covers your town. There are three in the state at this time. The DOT is in the process of hiring for the last two regions still not covered. People with a disability and senior citizens are eligible to use this service. If a mobility manager has been assigned to your town please call or email her or him for information on learning specific ways to accommodate your transportation needs. Each program offers a variety of services, so if you’re able to search around their site and/or download the PDF guides, you can start there and then contact your assigned mobility manager with specific questions. They do not provide transportation, but can help with application forms and travel planning—as long as you PLAN AHEAD because some things take extra time. 

5a.  CT Association of Area Agencies on Aging

In this section you will find the link to your Area Agency on Aging. There are five regions in the state, and they are private, not-for-profit corporations established in Connecticut in 1974 to provide leadership and resources to meet the needs of the rapidly growing elderly population. The Connecticut Association of Area Agencies on Aging (C4A) is a professional affiliation comprised of all five AAAs.

5b.  Community Choices

Connecticut’s Aging and Disability Resource Centers are known as “Community Choices.” Community Choices is a powerful information hub linking older adults, persons living with disabilities, and caregivers in Connecticut to the services and supports they seek.  Our dedicated staff can connect you to everything from a name and phone number to more detailed information regarding community services through activities such as benefit screening, options counseling, care transitions, and transportation.