At the top of this page you will see a MENU BAR that looks like this:

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By clicking on HOME, it will bring you back to the Welcome page from wherever you are within the website.

By clicking on ABOUT, you will discover a “drop down menu,” which will offer more options of things to look at. If you click on:

HISTORY, you learn more about the TransitNet history and The Arc CT’s place in that.
PHOTOS, you can see the different ways that people were involved.
VIDEOS, you can watch helpful transportation-related videos.

By clicking on CONTACT you can learn how to reach TransitNet directly or by phone and email.

By clicking on TRANSPORTATION RESOURCES you will find info about:

Mobility Managers: offers info on how to reach people who provide transportation info to people with disabilities, seniors, and veterans.

Google Trip Planner: offers “how to” instructions on how to plan out an upcoming trip.

CTtransit: offers info on CTDOT’s bus system for metropolitan areas in CT.

Community Choices: offers links for seniors, people with disabilities, and caregivers to getting services.

2-1-1 Information: offers info on how to speak to a specialist about your needs 24/7.

CTrides: offers resources, solutions, and travel options in CT.

Paratransit Services: offers info on how to get van rides in areas with fixed bus routes for people who can’t use the local bus due to their disability.

(If you scroll down that page you will also find other links and info to connect you to more resources and transit options.)

By clicking on MY TOWN you will find a long list of CT towns. When you click on your town you will get a list of options (either regionally or locally) of people to contact for info on what transportation your town offers. If you want explanations of the info provided in the MY TOWN section CLICK HERE.

On the left side of the page is also another MENU BAR that looks like this:

Like the top MENU BAR this bar will follow you as you go from page to page.

GOOGLE TRANSLATE: allows you to change the language on any page.

SEARCH: allows you to type in any term and find things quicker (like your town, for instance).

TAKE A SURVEY: after you’ve searched and used the site PLEASE take the survey so we can know how to make it better.

TRANSITNET BROCHURE: a helpful trifold brochure with some of the info and resources on this website that you can read on-line, print, or download and print (on 8½ by 11 paper).

LIKE US ON FACEBOOK: PLEASE do this so we have an interactive way to get timely information to people (you must have a Facebook account).